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(719) 336-9066 - 1-800-800-5859  - tech@cminet.net

Mail2Web is a service available on the web that allows
you to check your personal e-mail from anywhere in the world. All you do is enter your CMINET e-mail address and your CMINET password.
That's it. Your e-mail should appear
on the screen in moments. Click here or the logo above
to use the Mail2Web webmail service.
Check out our New Webmail program. You log in the same as with the one above, but this webmail program, versus the mail2web.com will allow you to store/archive messages, create storage folders, create your own address book, sorts our SPAM, etc. Give it a try, I know you'll love it!
There is also a link on our homepage at www.rebeltec.net -
for quick reference
When logging in the first time - you will have
to accept the security certificate, then proceed to the login screen.

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